PayU Developers

Me as the leader of the project along with more than 10 people of the PayU team / 2015 & 2016

Communication project to explain the company's products in Latin America

The objective of this documentation project was to translate the complex technical language used in a payment platform to more affordable e-commerce information. The target audience was the community of Latin American entrepreneurs that need to understand the available options to sell on the internet. From selling in social media to integrating apps and web pages, we aimed to offer chunks of information that help people to choose among the product offering and help them go to the next step.

Documentation Site for PayU developers





We worked in many communication channels to achieve our objective. We created a developer's web page, explanation videos, webinars and internal employees training.

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First step of tokenization
Second step of tokenization

The process

Every part of the project required a different process. The webpage was created from scratch testing the information architecture with users and then refining the wireframes. Even after one year of publishing the website we kept improving the interaction. For the explanation videos, we defined the copy and supervised the animation and the graphical style. We produced many infographics that are being used internally and for commercial purposes. This is a material that keeps changing as the company does.

Mockup of the technical explanation
Mockup of the other version of the home
Technical integrations

Selected Works